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Stuart Barnes: 'I'
A C Clarke: 'Mouthful'
John Egan: 'The Moss Vale Train'
Diane Fahey: 'Mother and Daughter'
Howie Good: 'Anticipation of Spring'
Rory Harris: 'postcards'
Andy Jackson: 'Kyle'
Karen Knight: 'The Bitter End'
Mary O'Donnell: Two poems: 'The world is mine', 'Galician Watch-dog'
Anne Britting Oleson: 'Snow Hawk'
Leni Shilton: Three poems: 'The Gramophone', 'Late Afternoon', 'Haircutting at Piltadi'
Breda Spaight: 'Bacon'
Liane Strauss: 'The Lovers in the Photograph'
Ryan Van Winkle: 'Prayer of the Heart'
Deb Westbury: 'Fish Café'


Peter Farrar: 'The Sirens'
Beau Hillier: 'Not Yet'
Jenny Irizary: 'Romeo'
Mark O'Flynn: 'The Ditch'


Ben Walter: 'The New Tasmanian Fiction' (featuring the work of Susie Greenhill, Caitlin Richardson, Robbie Arnott, Adam Ouston, Michael Blake and Tadhg Muller)

Scott Russell Duncan: 'Why I Mumble'


A conversation with poet Dan Disney


Stuart Cooke: translations from Spanish of two poems - 'The Eternal Dice' and 'XXXVI' - by Peruvian poet César Vallejo (March 16, 1892 – April 15, 1938).

Toby Fitch: 'Royally' and 'Pro Me The Us'

Ulrike Almut Sandig - three poems


'Birdsong: A Celebration of Bruny Island Birds': launch and reading by Pete Hay,
poems by James CharltonLiz McQuilkinGina MercerRobyn MathisonRon Moss

Andrew Burke's launch of Andy Jackson's poetry collection Immune Systems
Andy Jackson reading from his collection Immune Systems
Andrew Burke's poem, 'The Other Woman'


Sandra Beasley, 'On Sand'
Peter Grant, 'Father to the Man'